Award Winning Author of the Ana Martin Series & Other Publications

Lyneal Jenkins

Books are magical. They open doors in your imagination, paint pictures, stir emotions, make you cry and laugh.

A well written book is a pure pleasure to own.

There is nothing better than escaping reality into a good book. Below are a few of my favourite books.

The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub

I must have read this book at least ten times. I love it, and it is definitely on my top ten list of books to read. Twelve-year-old Jack’s mother is dying, and the only way to save her to to go on a terrifying journey which is mostly set in another world (The Territories). I have laughed, shaken with anger and cried throughout this book. My favourite character has to be wolfe (a wolf-like being from the Territories). He is so sweet and determined in his protection of Jack that you wish he would be your friend. I am sure that I will read this book again many times, and I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a good fantasy read.

The Gone Series by Michael Grant

This is one of the most entertaining reads I’ve come across in a while. Every person over 15 suddenly disappears, leaving all the children stuck under a dome, some of them who develop powers. To make matters worse, the children are forced to survive new and horrible threats, such as flesh eating bugs in their fields. Here is a book that is jam-packed with none-stop action from beginning to end. The characters are well rounded and believable with their own little personality quirks. None of them are perfect and there is a definite grey line with who is bad or good. I read the whole series in five days (even when I was cooking dinner) as I could not put them down.

The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

This is the best YA series I have ever read. Katnis takes her sister’s place in the Hunger Games (A game devised by the Capitol in order to control the masses). Throughout the trilogy, Katnis changes from a young girl who just wants a simple life without fear, to the figure head of a rebellion. I loved every minute of these books, and cried through most of them. There was a point in Catching Fire (Book 2) where Katnis runs and hides in a closet. I truly wanted to rip her out fo the book and hug her. The author has created characters and a world filled with emotion, so much so, I cried for about two hours after I finished reading them.