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Lyneal Jenkins

Books are magical. They open doors in your imagination, paint pictures, stir emotions, make you cry and laugh.

A well written book is a pure pleasure to own.

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Brandon, Indie Author Book Reviews Rating: 9.5/10.0

The first book in the Ana Martin series was brilliantly written. The book was written by a UK author, and as an American I am happy to say that I was able to follow along really well. There are some books written by author's in the UK that I have a hard time following (based on their location), and in honesty I didn't even realize that the book was based in the UK until the context finally hit me. Very well done for that, to me that gives the impression that the author was writing for all nations. The story itself was AMAZING. I am definitely going to follow this series as it has sooo much potential. It did have some romance in it, but the action and adventure overtook it. I'd recommend this to any fantasy fan!

within the first few pages. The fast-paced plot holds you in a death grip until the very end and will make you eager to read the next adventure in the Ana Martin Series immediately after,at least it did for me!

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