Award Winning Author of the Ana Martin Series & Other Publications

Lyneal Jenkins

Books are magical. They open doors in your imagination, paint pictures, stir emotions, make you cry and laugh.

A well written book is a pure pleasure to own.

The Lyneal site has been developed as a result of demand form the success of her Ana Martin Series.

It is a work still under development and will become (as content is added) a place for fans of all Lyneal’s works to keep up to date with news & developments on her projects and writing. Also a place to learn, participate, comment, purchase books and authentic collectable items not available elsewhere.

About Lyneal Jenkins

Lyneal Jenkins was born in Shrewsbury, England in 1980. In 1996 she left home to become a Medic in the British Army. After three years she resigned the forces to start a family and begin her work with learning disabilities, which is when she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

After a failed marriage, she moved to Spain for eighteen months with her children, taking time to reflect on where she wanted her life to go. Since returning to the UK, she began her studies towards becoming a Psychologist.

In February 2011, Lyneal sat down at the laptop with one sentence and a basic

concept in mind. She had no idea that she was embarking on the biggest project of her life. The Ana Martin Series has become an intricate tale of epic proportion.

Night of the Fae received Finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards in Cross-genre and the Readers’ Favorite Awards in Fantasy. All four books in the Ana Martin Series have received the Readers’ Favorite Five Star seal.

To date, Lyneal is currently living with her partner in North Yorkshire along with their seven children. Each day is a balance between normal life, and writing. She couldn't be happier.

10 Random Facts about Lyneal

  1. I love chocolate - too much. I would live on the stuff if I could.
  2. Once a week I like to take my laptop into the bathroom and watch Netflix/Amazon Prime while having a relaxing bath.
  3. I cannot function until I have had a cup of tea. I would have it fed intravenously if I could.
  4. I like to be awake by 8am. If I sleep in (which is rare) I feel like I have lost the day.
  5. I rarely wear make-up. I do occasionally, but only if I need it to make myself feel better.
  6. I wear jogging bottoms to write in but always change into jeans when I leave the house.
  7. I love museums. Anything that shows different cultures is fascinating.
  8. I cannot sleep before midnight - no matter how tired I am.
  9. I like anything creative. My favourite birthday cards/gifts have been things people have made for me.
  10. I love talking. If there is no one around to listen, I am happy to talk to myself.