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Lyneal Jenkins

Books are magical. They open doors in your imagination, paint pictures, stir emotions, make you cry and laugh.

A well written book is a pure pleasure to own.

If you are bored with the endless volume of vampire and werewolf novels hitting the market, then you could do far worse than giving something original like the first in Lyneal Jenkins' Ana Martin series a go. Night of the Fae is written in the first person from the perspective of Ana Martin, a young woman who falls in love with someone called Gabriel who, it transpires, is something far more than human - a Siis, a highly evolved angelic-like creature that walk the world hidden among us. Ana is drawn into their troubles with the Fae, a mischievous species of altered humans whose secrets are bound up with their Siis creators.

The narrative does a fabulous job of sucking you in, the otherworldly elements nicely balanced by Jenkins' believable characterization and a masterful hand at descriptive prose. Night of the Fae makes for a great hit for anyone suffering from Twilight withdrawal symptoms, and is a darn sight more original in its world building to boot.


"Boasting a likable, strongly realized heroine and a world that is at once fantastic and thrilling yet wholly believable, the Ana Martin series is one of those rare reading experiences that just draws you in and won't let you go until the final page is turned. Jenkins's Siis are deftly drawn: fighting, loving and laughing with emotion that leaps from the text, while her Fae are truly chilling: nightmare creations that bring a genuine shiver to the spine. Jenkins crosses genres with a sure touch, compressing mystery, the supernatural, romance and procedural crime into a genuinely compelling narrative. Ana Martin is a name that will certainly go down in the annals of not just fantasy literature, but of classic characters in general, and Lyneal Jenkins is, without doubt, a figure to watch in the world of publishing. Read Ana Martin now and find a universe you will want to return to again and again."

Shane Dunphy - Author of Wenesdays Child

 "Not often do I read a book that makes me feel like I actually became a part of it. When I can feel what the characters are feeling...well that is a book written by someone that can write. This is a book built in the present time, and shows how other "beings" live among us and the dangers that one woman faces as she becomes more involved in their world. The characters are well developed and the story grabs you immediately. It is creepy, emotional, and edgy. The best part? It is something new. I didn't feel like I've read this story before, like I do with many others in this genre. I would definitely recommend this book."

Amber . B (Freelance Editor)

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